When my dad was a kid, he would work long hours to buy food for my grandmother to cook. He had 8 brothers and sisters which made it sometimes hard to feed all at the same time. Each one of them would bring something back home that was needed like toilet paper, cleaning products, or food.

There was times that there was not enough meat for all of them so what my grandmother would do, she would cook tons of rice. Like tons! Instead of giving them meat she would slice a banana on top of the rice and that was the meal of the day. I never heard anybody complain about that. When I was about five years old I was at my grandmother’s house eating some Maria’s cookies. She stopped me and took them away from me… she said “Don’t eat that its not real food, here eat some rice” and gave me a bowl full of her famous red rice and sliced a banana on top of it. Honestly, I though that was super gross… my reaction was like hell no I was my galletas back! But when I had my first spoonful of rice and banana… holy shit!! I know why nobody complained of eating that almost everyday.

I’ve never had red rice like that and still haven’t! I’m here to share this recipe I got from the queen of Mexican rice with you. Treasure it, cook it, and taste it!


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