I recently came back from Thailand and must I say that I absolutely fell in love with it. It was one of my biggest dreams to make a trip over and explore the food, music, and culture… And guess what? It’s almost no different than Mexico. It was not that surprising for me ever since I met my friend Mananya in one of the kitchens I used to work at. We both had same values, beliefs, and tastebuds. We even look so much a like that my mom almost hugged her at work thinking that she was me.

We met when we were both twenty at an Italian restaurant kitchen and became friends because we were too sensitive with everything! If somebody yelled , talked bad, or would be rude to us we would cry. Yep. Also, neither of us had ever been in a romantic relationship. Yep. Yep. Super losers. It wasn’t until a summer 2015 we both found the love of our lives weeks apart. I met my Derek and she met her Justin.

Before Mananya left to her country she told me to go visit her at least once in my lifetime, and guess what? I worked my ass off and bought myself a plane ticket to Phuket, Thailand for one month. My adventure with other foods, other people, and different culture began!


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